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El Puente - The Bridge is a not-for-profit organization based in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

We offer education, food, clothing, emergency funds, and community and spiritual support to the underprivileged mostly indigenous people of Talamanca.

It's founders, Barry and Nanci Stevens created The Bridge in answer to the needs of the people in this area.


Nutritious Food

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When you provide a regular monthly donation to El Puente's food program you help to feed as many as 400 people every month or more, with nourishing soup, fresh prepared vegetables and fruit.  Little bellies go home full and happy.

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School Accessibility

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Despite education being free and mandatory in Costa Rica, children may only attend school if their families are able to purchase school supplies and uniforms.  Your monthly donation can make that happen for children who's families survive on less than $2 per day.  More information →


Community Build

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El Puente has a vision, earmarked land, and a plan to build a community center and garden where the Bribri people and greater community can attend classes to learn practical and more advanced skills for life; including environmental protection, health, women's classes, gardening, cooking, computer skills and more.

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General Sponsorship


With a monthly commitment to sponsor the El Puente community as a whole, funds will be allocated directly to community support where they are most needed.   All funds committed to El Puente go directly to the families who need them in the form of food, supplies or learning tools.

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