Welcome to the Jungle!

At the south-eastern most tip of Costa Rica, nestled up close to the Panamanian border, surrounded by some of the most diverse jungle on earth lies the canton of Talamanca, and the tiny town of Puerto Viejo.

Its easier to get to today than it was 20 years ago.  The roads have been paved and GPS works even here, but by 21st century standards Talamanca is still remote and wild!  Despite its isolated location, Puerto Viejo  hosts an eclectic mix of people and cultures from around the world. 

The town buzzes with Jamaican sounds and smells from its settlement heritage, international visitors, an earthy, spiritual vibe and its original people the Bribri who have walked the jungles of Talamanca for millennia.

Lovingly referred to by locals simply as "Puerto", the town is famous among surf pilgrims for Costa Rica's strongest break; the Salsa Brava. 

It boasts pristine beaches like the black-sand at Playa Negra, is the virtual birth-place of chocolate,  and is home to the internationally acclaimed Jaguar Rescue Center that genuinely rehabilitates wild cats and other animals.